DevOps Engineer
BySix develops the best solutions to face companies' challenges and needs. We work closely with our partners, and our projects grow towards business value creation. We believe that true impact comes from combining technical expertise with human values. That's why we reflect that in our approach - technology is not the end goal, but the enabler. Through this opportunity, you'll help a big company resolve complexity to transform the ordinary in progressive ways. They are experts at making complex products simple and digitally accessible, delivering validated user experiences in the business of trust! Because you matter, you will: - Be integrated into a multidisciplinary team; - Have continuous training in soft skills and hard skills; - Have an attractive flexible benefits package; - Have the chance to work in an open and interdisciplinary space where diverse perspectives come together to shape the future of insurance. We are needing you because... - You have knowledge of AWS; - You have experience in administration of web servers, load balancer, web application firewall (Akamai); - You have experience using configuration as code: Hashicorp Terraform / Packer; - You have experience using crossplane for Kubernetes administration (optional); - You have experience using GitHub Actions (optional); - You have experience with Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (Jenkins); - You have experience in development with Kotlin / Java (nice to have); - You have experience with Dynatrace; - You have experience with databases, especially SQL - Postgres (nice to have); - You have experience with Message Broker / Event Streaming like Kafka / MQ (nice to have); - You have the DevOps Mindset, you built it, you run it, taking responsibility for your work! Come join the perfect experience!
Remote Portugal
Min. 4 years


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